Alluvial Software

Experience Sampler

  • Designed and implemented a business-critical application to monitor the health of IT equipment at customer sites using call home data. The application scanned for complex problem signatures and opened cases in Created ancillary web applications to display health analytics.

  • Restructured and optimized a Python machine learning pipeline to increase throughput by a factor of 96 and reduce computing costs by 75%. See How We Made a Machine Learning Pipeline 96 Times Faster.

  • Designed and implemented software for a high-speed, highly reliable embedded Linux device for duplicating cinematic content on hard disks. Developed a custom multicasting protocol to connect multiple duplicator nodes together.

  • Wrote a continuous integration application to manage the merging, build, and test of interdependent GitHub pull requests for multiple repositories. Created a similar application for interdependent GitLab merge requests.

  • Created several database-driven web applications.