Alluvial Software

Summary of Experience

Software Development

  • Designed and implemented software for a high-speed, highly reliable embedded Linux device for duplicating cinematic content on hard disks. Developed a multicasting protocol to connect multiple duplicator nodes together.
  • Created an inventory management database-driven web application using Python/Django and PostgreSQL on Linux.
  • Embedded the Python interpreter into an Adobe Acrobat plug-in on Windows. Implemented a GUI for the plug-in using Python/Tkinter.

Software Development Tools

  • Developed a multi-processor UNIX kernel debugger and dump analysis tool.
  • Enhanced the GNU linker and assembler to support dynamic linking of a.out files on NetBSD/i386.
  • Maintained the Multics PL/I compiler and run-time environment.

Software Configuration Management

  • Architect of division-wide transition to ClearCase. Conversion performed flawlessly and on-time.
  • ClearCase administration, triggers, wrappers, and training.
  • Technical leader of Configuration Management team for several UNIX OS products.